YCE plans for 2021

2021 follows a turbulent year for everyone, especially those in the hospitality industry. But following the news of a vaccine roll out and speculation of things returning to normal soon, there’s a lot to be excited about.

Here at YCE, we have a great deal planned in for this year, and the future, and we can’t wait to get down to business.

Have a read of what our Director Dane Walton had to say about what’s on the horizon for YCE:

What plans does YCE have for 2021?

YCE and the other companies within the Walton Group have plans to help our loyal customers reopen. Altogether, we are focusing on launching some excellent packages together to help our customers concentrate on getting their businesses back on track.

What do you think will be your most popular service in 2021?

We think all our services will be extremely important, but especially our design services, as these will help businesses think about moving forward with their new ideas.

Another big focus will be on our maintenance services, to ensure our customers can open up as safely as possible after a period of inactivity.

What is the team most looking forward to this year?

The YCE team is most looking forward to helping our customers get going again and working with other companies within the group to put together a unique product.

We are looking forward to a boom in hospitality sector and are excited to be part of that.

Where do you expect to see YCE in five years’ time?

We expect YCE and the Walton Group to be the place to go for foodservice and hospitality.

We want to be the name that brings people’s imaginations to life and build their foodservice business. In the near future, we expect to be even more of a vital cog for businesses in the hospitality and foodservice industry.